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About Advisories


What is an Advisory?
The goal of Advisory is to ensure that each student is known well by at least one adult staff member. These connections promote both student satisfaction with school and academic success.

When do they take place?
Every day for 30 minutes except Tuesdays after the second period of each day.

What will be learning in advisories?
The advisories will be divided into different subjects each day. SLCs with decide the sequencing; however, all Mondays are for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). Below are the topics of focus for advisories.

Do students receive a grade for an advisory ?
Yes, all students will receive a passing letter grade and earn 2.5 credits per semester. Over the course of four years, you can receive up to 20 credits.

Do I get credit for the work in my advisory?
Yes. Advisories count for your life skills credit.

Do advisory teachers change from year to year ?
Ideally, no. Students will continue with same teacher (as long as teacher is at Lincoln) every year.

SSR (every Monday)

Advisories don't meet.

Peer to Peer Tutoring -- Support and helping each other to learn and succeed

Academic Achievement -- How can I become a more successful student

SLC Day -- Devoted to topics related to the themes of the SLC