COVID Information (Updated 3/7/2022)


Face masks are strongly recommended but not required in class and outside. Masks are still required in the Nurse's Office and if you are a close contact of someone with COVID. 



Vaccinations are available Friday, February 18 from noon to 7 PM at Lincoln High School. Permission slips are in the Main Office. Boosters, second shots, and first shots are available for students, families, and staff. Boosters are due five months after the second shot. Students 5 and older are eligible for the vaccine. Students 12 and up are eligible for the booster. For any questions, contact Ms. Drew, at 323-441-4625 or email [email protected] or Rm 125



Dear Lincoln Families:

In an abundance of caution and in accordance with Los Angeles County Public Health (LACDPH) Guidelines, and due to an increase in positive cases throughout Los Angeles County during this Omicron surge, Lincoln High School is taking some added precautions at this time to treat all students and employees on campus as if they are a close contact.  


Our school is ensuring that all positive cases or individuals showing symptoms at Lincoln High School are isolated at home. Families can review daily case count updates for our school online at


Until further notice, families will not receive individual close contact notifications. Your child can continue attending school and participating in school activities including sports and before- and after-school programs as long as they do not have any symptoms. In case of possible exposure, we are asking all students and employees to take the following actions at all times to keep our community safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19:


  • Mask at all times: All employees must wear surgical-type masks or higher-level PPE (e.g., KN95 or N95 respirator masks). Beginning the week of January 24th, and until further notice, students are required to wear well-fitting, non-cloth masks of multiple layers with a nose wire. Our school can provide your child with this type of mask if needed. Our school can provide your child with this type of mask if needed. Individuals must be masked at all times, including during sports and extracurricular activities, both indoors and outdoors. Eating and drinking should happen distanced from others. 


  • Test weekly: All students and employees will continue to participate in weekly COVID-19 screening testing on our school’s regularly scheduled testing day with the mobile team. Students who have had a positive COVID-19 test in the past 90 days are exempt from testing. If your child does not participate in the mobile testing program on campus or is absent during our testing day, they must take and upload an external PCR or antigen test result via Daily Pass ( each week. If your child tests positive, they must isolate immediately and follow home isolation protocols.


  • Monitor for symptoms: If your child is ill or develops symptoms of COVID-19, they must follow isolation protocols and test immediately, at an LAUSD drive-up symptomatic testing site --> GAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL ( or by getting a PCR test with an external healthcare provider. 


If your child is absent due to COVID-19, your child may participate in a Short-Term Independent Study.  Please contact your school if you would like your student to participate.  Otherwise, your child will have an excused absence during this time and can make up missed schoolwork for full credit.


  1. All individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate at home for at least 5 days.
  2. “Day 0” represents the date that the positive test was taken. “Day 1” represents the day after the positive test was taken. 
  3. Individuals who test positive may be released from isolation on Day 6, provided any symptoms are improving, they are fever-free for the past 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, and they have a negative (antigen) test result from a test taken on or after Day 5. 
  4. Individuals should test with an antigen test on or after Day 5, as PCR tests may continue to read positive even after an individual is no longer infectious
  5. Between Day 5 and Day 10 of isolation, positive individuals may visit HILDA SOLIS LEARNING ACADEMY, appointments are not required. Rapid tests will only be distributed to LAUSD employees or students with a recent positive test result. Individuals are encouraged to bring proof of their recent positive test results to the testing site to receive a rapid antigen test. 
  6. Individuals may also take any FDA-approved at-home antigen test.
  7. All rapid antigen test results must be uploaded by the individual into the Daily Pass. (See Attachment D: Uploading External Test Results)

If you have questions or need support, please contact the school (323) 441-4601 or LAUSD’s Community Engagement team at (213) 725-5637.


Rose Anne Ruiz, Principal

Video Showing How to Update Consent on Daily Pass - Please Do Now
Directions to Change Consent for Periodic COVID Testing for In-Person Instruction
What is LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL doing to keep students, staff, visitors, and the school safe?
We are following all Los Angeles County Public Health Department treatment guidelines and protocols for schools. We are also following the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)​​​​​​​, including screening and testing efforts. LAUSD has launched several efforts to protect students, families, and staff members. Here are some of the things we’ve put in place: 
  • All visitors and staff are screened for symptoms of COVID-19.  
  • All staff, visitors, and students are required to wear a mask while on campus. Masks will be provided to anyone who needs one. 
  • LAUSD will be testing all students and staff before they can come back to school.  
  • We have strengthened our visitor guidelines to help protect our students.
  • Lincoln High School has designated areas in the school that will be used for isolating people who have COVID-19 symptoms from other students and staff.  
  • We have increased our thorough disinfecting and cleaning processes throughout the school, including bathrooms and offices.
  • New hospital-grade air conditioning filters were installed throughout the campus.
  • We have been in close contact with our Local District Operations staff and the Los Angeles County Public Health Department staff, to stay up to date with the latest outbreak information and follow the latest practices to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Where can my child get a COVID-19 test?  Use the LAUSD Appointment Scheduler to make an appointment at any of the surrounding schools in our area that are COVID-19 testing sites. Students will be tested weekly at their home school.
If my child is sick and I suspect COVID-19, what should I do? How do I get my child tested for this virus?  If you suspect your child has COVID-19 please do not allow your child to come to school and let us know so we can alert students and staff that may have been exposed. Get them tested as soon as possible. Seek medical care if the student is having worsening symptoms. If parents need resources for medical care they may call the school at (323) 441-4600, and we will refer the family to health services.
Where can the most up-to-date information be found?  For the most current information, visit the CDC website:
- Adapted from CHLA Website and the CDC Website
LAUSD Hotline
(213) 443-1300
The hotline is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Please feel free to call with any questions about the COVID-19 virus.
- Adapted from CHLA Website and the CDC Website