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Please visit the CAP homepage on ( to view four newly uploaded videos on key features of the LAUSD CoreK12 Assessment Center. Just click on the link in the orange directory for VIDEOS.




Many calls come in asking when answer sheets for a particular assessment will be delivered. The CoreK12 helpdesk at 888 745 7737 is a great resource for these questions, as they have access to Fed Ex tracking and shipping. In general, the following procedures apply:


ELEMENTARY ASSESSMENTS (Grades K-5) – Answer sheets should arrive at schools a minimum of five (5) school days before the opening day of the assessment window. EXCEPTION: This year, for the Literacy Periodic Assessments (grades 2-5), answer sheets will come 3-4 weeks earlier than the scheduled assessment windows as seen on the program schedules. This is to accommodate those schools that wish to offer early administration of the Literacy Periodic Assessments.


SECONDARY ASSESSMENTS (Grades 6-high school) – These windows are considered 10 school days, although only the end date is identified on the program schedules. Answer sheets arrive the week before the first day of the 10 day assessment window.


PROGRESS-MONITORING GENERIC ANSWER SHEETS – A few weeks ago, all schools received a shipment of 250 generic answer sheets exclusively for use with the optional “Progress-Monitoring” feature of the LAUSD CoreK12 Assessment Center. Should your school be using these generic answer sheets often, when you run low, just call the CoreK12 HelpDesk at 888 745 7737 to order more. While we evaluate our printing costs and inventory, we are limiting schools to 500 sheets per calendar month.




Within the next few days, ITD will “turn on” a new feature within EZ Access, a district program that has been active for ISIS for some time. Through EZ Access, district personnel can apply for access to many of the District’s programs/features that require authorization or access. Included in this will be the CoreK12 site and the Wireless Generation site for DIBELS.


When the Core and WGen features of EZ Access are officially activated, I will inform the CAP school contact list. After that point, we will no longer be processing the paper form.




It was the intention of the Comprehensive Assessment Program to fulfill a policy change from OCISS and send out pre-printed answer sheets for ELA PA1 assessments, grades 6-9, for ESL 3 and ESL 4 students across the District. However, the CoreK12 system was not yet adapted to this change, and the answer sheets did not get printed or delivered.


Some schools/teachers want ahead and used the yellow generic answer sheets for periodic assessments. That is fine.


However, we have now decided to proceed with sending out to all schools in session at this time the ELA PA1 answer sheets for ESL 3 and ESL 4 students. Those answer sheets should be at schools sometime around November 21. If the assessment has already been given using generics, these new pre-printed answer sheets can be discarded. Otherwise, administer the assessment and submit the answer sheets as all other program answer sheets are submitted.


Remember, at middle school, students take their respective grade level’s periodic assessment. Grade 6 students in ESL 3, for example, take the Grade 6 ELA PA1. At high school, all ESL 3 and ESL 4 students will take the Grade 9 periodic assessments.


To view the data on the LAUSD CoreK12 Assessment Center for ESL 3 and ESL 4 students, follow these steps:


1)      Sign into the LAUSD CoreK12 Assessment Center (

2)      Click on the Periodic Assessment portal

3)      Select your class (teachers) and then in REPORTS, select Item Response Report

4)      Identify the subject as “ELA” and the course as “Advanced ESL”

5)      All the ELA assessments, Grades 6-10, are listed. Select the link for the student’s grade level to see their data.


As always, thank you for being your school’s CAP School Contact!


Chris Mullins

Comprehensive Assessment Program

Beaudry Building, 16th floor

213 241 6873