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Everyone and anyone can make art, you need no permission and no labels to make visual expression whether two or three dimensional, digital or conceptual.  Our ideas drive us forward, sketching helps to define them, solidify them, opening our minds to a myriad of possibilities.
-----ART----- Art is the joyous and spontaneous evidence of humanity's capacity to express its' deep feelings for beauty, order, life, and love. The more we know about the true nature of art, the more we know about our own abilities and feelings.

A work of art is an expression of a complete idea. It reflects the conscious and unconscious thinking of the artist. All art comes from contemplation. There is no art without reflection. Intuition is its source and wellspring.

Art is truly an expression of one's own individuality and is created without dependence on another. The depth of art is a universal language that speaks to the universal quality in humanity.

*edited from "The Art Experience" by Vicci Sperry