WASC » PD 4-30-2013

PD 4-30-2013

We will finalize the ESLRs based on our findings from the home groups by departments.  This is the protocol we agreed upon to facilitate the meeting:

1) Set group norms of collaboration (i.e. pausing, paraphrasing, inquiring, probing, putting ideas on the table, presuming positive intentions).  Please see attachment suggested to be presented on LCD.

2) Present final vision and mission statements.  Be sure to share out with the group that we added "our vision" and a comma to differentiate "literate."  We are NOT making any further changes to these statements. Inform faculty they will be share with students at our next tiger talk and parents at next ELAC.

3)Share dept. home group ESLRs out loud.  Ask teachers to identify up to 4 sub points for each area.  Break off into pairs and discuss selections.

4) Regroup and vote for the top 4 for each section.  In case of a tie take it to re-vote.

Thank you all for your support,