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Mr. Wilkins has been teaching at Lincoln for 34 years. He is third in seniority among current Lincoln faculty. Mr. Wilkins has also served Lincoln High as Dean of Students (2007-2011), Chair of The School Sight Council (1999-2006) and Lincoln Legislature (1999-2006), YCS Sponsor (1986-1989), Impact Coordinator (1986-1989), Impact Counselor (1990-1997) and UTLA Chapter Chair (1998-2009).

Mr. Wilkins has served LAUSD as a key member of the LAUSD Discipline Foundations, Discipline Policy Committee, both as an author of the policy and a monitor of its implementation (2005-2011). He has also served on the served on the LAUSD Title One Committee (2002-2005) where he created a Request for Funding form that was widely used throughout LAUSD for programs requesting monies from District Title One Funds. In June 2008 Mr. Wilkins completed a research project entitled The Dean's Survey which pointed out inconsistencies in the way LAUSD trained Deans. His research was the basis for LAUSD Deans trainings in the 2008-2009 school year.
Mr Wilkins is a published author with over 35 books to his credit. Most of his books are published in both English and Spanish, in e-book and paperback formats. They are sold on Amazon worldwide. The Lincoln High Library has several of Mr. Wilkins paperback books. 
Mr. Wilkins is also the lead singer of the Lincoln Teacher band Teacherz which includes Mr. Brewer on Lead Guitar and Mr. Nagaoka on Bass. Mr. Wilkins has standing in the music industry as well as a member of the Quincy Jones Workshops, and for his work with upstart Punk label Mystic Records for which he is  listed in Wikipedia. He has also been listed in several issues of Who's Who in The Music Business and while in college, was listed in Who's Who Among Junior Collegians for his academic excellence and journalistic achievements. His songs have been recorded by Mandrill, The Decadents, Karen McLaughlin, Bandit, Evan Lee Lovefire, Willy Makit, and The Loveforce Collective.