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Who is Mr. Skramstad?

Who is Mr. Skramstad?

I serve as Technology Coordinator, Computer Science teacher (AP included), Yearbook Advisor, and Supreme Overlord of the SuperComputerKinda and support the entire staff at Lincoln with technology.  I seek to make teachers' jobs easier and more effective through the use of technology.  I support teachers  implementing technology-based lessons in their class throughout the year, assist classes in the computer lab in 209, and solve a myriad of technology issues school wide.  I am a constant advocate for educational technology wherever its inclusion makes sense.

I have a Bachelor's in Psychology from UCLA, a teaching credential in English and Computer Applications and Concepts, and a Master's from Cal State LA in Instructional Technology in Leadership.

I am a baseball fanatic, coffee lover, and a tech enthusiast.  I am the tallest teacher on campus (6'5) and often can be found in Room 209 or refilling his mug in the scattered coffee shops around campus.  

You can reach me by calling (323) 441-4600 x209 or emailing him at