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Hello, I am Ms. Crabtree!

I encourage students to uncover the hidden mysteries and rich themes of English literature and composition at Abraham Lincoln High School. I have enjoyed teaching English for ten years, and Choir for eight years.  My specialties are teaching 9th graders (the "coolest" group in the school) and AP classes, dressing up for Halloween (you can ask, but I won't tell...) and telling silly jokes (yes, I laugh at them, too).  

I help Lincoln achieve academic glory by coaching the Academic Decathlon team- Go Tigers!  I always feel impressed by our decathletes- they consistently place in the top 15 of the 65 teams that compete in LAUSD's competition. 

I also help out by advising the after school musicals and Glee club.  I am excited to continue advising my group of tenth grade advisory students and reuniting with my AVID tenth grade class, as well as welcoming a fresh-faced group of ninth graders to the AVID program.  

You are always welcome to drop by my room for advice (wanted AND unwanted), music, a pep talk, or just to chill.  It's Room 646 (by the auditorium).  Also, you can email me if you have questions about homework or projects or performances- my email is  Check out my "reading" blog at 

Have a great year, Tigers!!!

Essential Stats:
Room- 646
Departments:  English, AVID and Performing Arts
Extra Responsibilities:  AVID 9th and 10th Grade Elective Teacher, UTLA Chapter Chair
Extracurricular Activities:  Academic Decathlon, Glee Club Advisor, Choir Teacher
Favorite Snacks:  Reese's Pieces, Graham Crackers, and Frozen Yogurt
What I usually eat for lunch:  string cheese, apples, peanut butter, trail mix, yogurt, and crackers.
The cartoon character I relate to the most:  Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, she was a "bookworm" too!
If I could have any song playing whenever I enter a room it would be:  "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie

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