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MESA Information about MESA and MESA Day rules and calendar.
Skeptic's Dictionary 2012, UFO’s, chupacabras, intelligent design, moon landing hoax, and more in an alphabetical listing!
Top 10 Highest Paid College Majors Yes, they are all Physics-based majors!

1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
3. Mathematics and Computer Sciences
4. Aerospace Engineering
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
8. Mechanical Engineering
9. Metallurgical Engineering
10. Mining and Mineral Engineering
Vintage Space Awesome YouTube channel on the beginning of the Space Age!
Why I study physics A film by Shixie (Xiangjun Shi)
Graduation Project at Rhode Island School of Design 2013
A Science Communication Project at Brown University Department of Physics
NYC ACM SIGGRAPH MetroCAF 2013 Jury Award
10th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

Thank you, Mr. Skramstad, for pointing me to this!