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Top 10 Highest Earning Majors

A new report shows some undergraduate degrees pay off more than others — literally. Using data from the U.S. Census, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce's "What's It Worth: The Economic Value of College Majors" report, issued May 24, looked at 171 different majors and found that the difference in earning potential between one field of study and another can be more than 300%. TIME took a look at the 10 highest- and the 10 lowest-earning majors.
(Note that physics is at the core of each of the ten highest earning majors! AC)
1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
3. Mathematics and Computer Sciences
4. Aerospace Engineering
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
8. Mechanical Engineering
9. Metallurgical Engineering
10. Mining and Mineral Engineering