VII Kenny Washington Memorial Game

Kenny Washington Memorial Game VII At-A-Glance
The Kenny Washington Memorial Game celebrates the life and legacy of civil rights sports icon Kenny Washington who first broke the color-barrier in the National Football League (NFL) in 1946 - one year before Jackie Robinson did the same in Major League Baseball (MLB).  (*For bio information on Kenny Washington please see our web site at
This year’s Game VII will be played on Friday, October 27th 2017 on Andrus Field at Kenny Washington Stadium at Lincoln High School and feature a game between long-time Northern League rivals: the Lincoln Tigers vs. the Eagle Rock Eagles.
As is customary, the Lincoln Tigers will wear authentic throwback jerseys for the game in homage to Kenny Washington.  The tradition began with Game I in 2011 as the Tigers were the first prep team in California history to wear a throwback jersey in league competition.  This year the Tigers will feature the iconic orange home jersey of the 1952 Northern League Championship team.  Student-athlete throwback jerseys are sponsored by Foundation supporters and Lincoln High alumni and parents. 
This year’s game will feature a reunion of former Track & Field and Cross Country Tiger athletes - many of whom were coached by this year’s featured halftime guest.  We will additionally hold a gathering of the school’s former Key Club and Keywanettes members - both nationally recognized organizations during the 70’s and early 80’s.  Alumni members from both organizations will be featured invitees to the game as will recipients of the “Kenny Washington Trophy for Football Excellence” which has been given annually at the school since 1949.  The trophy was originated by Kenny Washington upon his retirement from the Los Angeles Rams as a perpetual tribute to his alma mater.  He would frequently return to school each year to present the trophy himself at the team’s end-of-season banquet.
Our featured halftime guest this year will be Mr. Ron Florian - a retired Lincoln High School Track & Field and Cross Country Coach.  Mr. Florian coached Tiger athletes for 25 years and he was one of the most successful Cross Country coaches ever in Los Angeles prep history.  To his athletes, Coach Florian was a much beloved mentor, role model, and to many a tough, but caring surrogate father.  He was always known to go the extra mile for his athletes.
Other special halftime guests will be acknowledged, along with welcome messages from our local political representatives and the Washington family.  The Foundation will also present it’s annual Crystal Awards.  Entertainment for the evening will be provided by the Lincoln High School Alumni+Student Band.

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