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Tiger Colors Honor Our Nations Presidents
LP- Hollywood, CA u2013 On a brisk and blustery Sunday afternoon hundreds of patriotic organizations assemble for the annual Massing of the Colors. Every year the Sons of the American Revolution sponsor this event to honor the first President of the United States, George Washington on his birthday. The Tiger battalion color guard took center stage as they assembled with over a hundred other patriotic organizations in front of the liberty hall at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Expertly dressed the team stood out from the crowd with their spit-shined boots and immaculate uniforms. From the liberty mural, color guard teams each marched down the lane and ended up at the Memorial Statue of George Washington where they assembled for the final ceremony. Some organizations where dressed in period uniforms and were direct descendants from many periods in American history. They were direct descendants from those who came over on the Mayflower, Sons of soldiers from the American Revolution, Son and Daughters of those who fought in the American Civil war and many others. The massing of the colors was an impressive sight to behold. As the wind brought the star spangled banners to life, the president of the Sons of the American Revolution mentioned the importance of patriotism and mentioned to the cadets standing there how thankful he was for their participation.